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WIX Velo – Extracting Domain from User Email – Regex Issue

I am trying to retrieve the domain of my site users in order to assign them specific organisation based privileges.

If their email address is, I want to extract example. If it’s I want to extract ex.ample

The regex I have is (?<=@)[^.].[^.](?=.)

But I’m struggling to integrate this into the code. My code as follows:

$w.onReady(async function () {
 let userEmail = await memberData.loginEmail;
    $w('#userAccountSetupIntroText').text = ("Let's set up your account. We have your company as " +
        userEmail + ".nnTell us a little more about yourself.");

function retrieveTeamFromEmail(userEmail) {
 return userEmail

I’m getting an error at .replace:

.replace error

What am I doing wrong?


Instead of using replace, you can match the part using a capture group.


The pattern matches:

  • [^s@]@ Match any char except a whitspace char or @
  • ( Capture group 1
    • [^s@]+ Match 1+ times any char except a whitspace char or @
  • ) Close group 1
  • .[a-z]{2,} Match a dot (note to escape the dot) and 2 or more chars a-z

Regex demo

const pattern = /[^s@]@([^s@]+).[a-z]{2,}/;

function retrieveTeamFromEmail(s) {
  const m = s.match(/[^s@]@([^s@]+).[a-z]{2,}/, s);
  return m ? m[1] : s;
].forEach(s =>