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use getStaticProps in component

I started a project with next js and typescript. I have a main component that I call it in the index.js page I use the getStaticProps function in the main component getStaticProps returns a prop object and when I log this prop in my main component I received undefined in my console. I want to know using the getStaticProps in the component is wrong and I have just to use that function in pages or not. I am a newbie in next js and I would be very grateful if anyone could help me.

this is my main component

import React from 'react';
import {IMain} from "../../../../interfaces/components/IMenu/IMain";

const Main:React.FC<IMain> = (props) => {
    return (

export async function getServerSideProps() {
    return {
        props: {
            data: 'gg'

export default Main;

and this is my index.js page

import Text from "./../components/ui/Text/Text";
import Button from "../components/ui/Button/Button";
import Main from "../components/Menu/Desktop/Main/Main";

const Home = () => {
  return <Main/>;

export default Home;



getStaticProps can only be exported from a page. You can’t export it from non-page files.It will not work if you add getStaticProps as a property of the page component.