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Use CMYK on web page

I need to use CMYK colors on my web page. Is there any way to use CMYK in CSS or may be convert CMYK to RGB using JavaScript?

I mean I have colors creating algorithm in CMYK notation and I need to use it on web page.



There is no perfect algorithmic way to convert CMYK to RGB. CYMK is a subtractive color system, RGB is an additive color system. Each have different gamuts, which means there are colors that just cannot be represented in the other color system and vice versa. Both are device dependent color spaces, which really means that what color you really get is dependent on which device you use to reproduce that color, which is why you have color profiles for each device that adjust how it produces color into something more “absolute”.

The best that you can do is approximate a simulation of one space onto the other. There is an entire field of computer science that is dedicated to this kind of work, and its non-trivial.

If you are looking for a heuristic for doing this, then the link that Cyrille provided is pretty simple math, and easily invertible to accept a CYMK color and produce a reasonable RGB facsimile.

A very simple heuristic is to map cyan to 0x00FFFF, magenta to 0xFF00FF, and yellow to 0xFFFF00, and black (key) to 0x000000. Then do something like this:

function cmykToRGB(c,m,y,k) {

    function padZero(str) {
        return "000000".substr(str.length)+str

    var cyan = (c * 255 * (1-k)) << 16;
    var magenta = (m * 255 * (1-k)) << 8;
    var yellow = (y * 255 * (1-k)) >> 0;

    var black = 255 * (1-k);
    var white = black | black << 8 | black << 16;

    var color = white - (cyan | magenta | yellow );

    return ("#"+padZero(color.toString(16)));


invoking cmykToRGB with cmyk ranges from 0.0 to 1.0. That should give you back an RGB color code. But again this is just a heuristic, an actual conversation between these color spaces is much more complicated and takes into account a lot more variables then are represented here. You mileage may vary, and the colors you get out of this might not “look right”

jsFiddle here

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