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unknown directive “@isAuthenticated”. Using Neo4j and Graphql

I’m trying to do something like this :

const neoSchema = new Neo4jGraphQL({
  config: {
    jwt: {
      secret: process.env.JWT_SECRET || 'secret',
    database: process.env.NEO4J_DATABASE || 'neo4j',
    auth: {
      isAuthenticated: true,
      hasRole: true,


but when I do that in my graphql.schema :

type Avatar @isAuthenticated {
      avatarId: ID! @id
      name: String! @unique
      picture: String!
      coinPrice: Int!
      collections: [AvatarCollection]
        @relationship(type: "AVATAR_COLLECTION_AVATAR", direction: IN)

I get this error :

unknown directive "@isAuthenticated".

how am I supposed to add the directives?


The right way to do that with Neo4jGraphql was :

type Avatar @auth(rules: [{ operations: [CREATE], isAuthenticated: true }]) 
       avatarId: ID!

see this doc for more informations :