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Typescript Promise rejection type

How do I set the type of the rejection of my promise? Let’s say I do:

const start = (): Promise<string> => {
   return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
      if (someCondition) {
      } else {

Let’s say I want to reject with a number. But I cannot set the type; I can pass whatever I want to the reject here.

Moreover, when using this promise, I want to have compiling error if I use the rejection response type incorrectly.


As explained in this issue, Promise doesn’t have different types for fulfilled and rejected promises. reject accepts any argument that doesn’t affect type of a promise.

Currently Promise cannot be typed any better. This results from the fact that a promise can be rejected by throwing inside then or catch (this is a preferable way to reject existing promise), and this cannot be handled by typing system; also, TypeScript also doesn’t have exception-specific types except never.