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Type json in React components

I have a dynamic json, for example:

    "first": "aaa",
    "second": "bbb",
    "other": "ttt"

And I created interface for this:

interface IResult {
    [key: string]: string;

I have two components:

function FirstComponent() {
    const [result, setResult] = useState<IResult>();

    useEffect(() => {
       setResult(some action);

    return {
        <SecondComponent result={result}>

function SecondComponent(result: IResult) {}

But this return me error:

Type “IResult” is not assignable to type ‘string’.

in line: <SecondComponent result={result}>

What I’m doing wrong?



When you pass arguments to a component, it is taken as props.

By defining SecondComponent as function SecondComponent(result: IResult) {}, you are declaring types of props as IResult and not the type of props.result as IResult.

Modify your declaration as following:

interface IProps {
 result: IResult

function SecondComponent(props: IProps) {}