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Term.js – page scrolls down to the section with the terminal

This is probably a silly question – I’m using term.js to simulate a linux terminal.

Everything works fine. The only issue I am having is – the page where I have embedded it is pretty long and this terminal is somewhere at the bottom – but as soon as the page loads – it automatically scrolls down to the bottom of the page with the terminal.

I’ve been going through the term.js code commenting and trying different things to remove focus – but nothing seems to work.

Answer does a focus for the terminal at the end of the function. Simply comment it out and it won’t scroll down to the terminal.

At line 801:

  setTimeout(function() {
  }, 100);

I made a JSFiddle to demonstrate it.

As an alternative to modifying the code you could

  • put the terminal into an iframe.
  • load the terminal dynamically on a user event (button click).