How can i persist data in react native application?

I want to create a React Native app that persists local data and then syncs to the server. Please help me to find a way for this. Answer React Native provides methods to persist data. Some are provided out of the box while others are libraries you have to install and use. Below are popular methods of persisting data in React Native AsyncStorage React Native SQLite 2 Realm React Native Local MongoDB refer

Automatic Random Test Data Generation of Documents for Seeding a MongoDB Database

I’m using JSON Generator to seed my MongoDB database. I’m finding trouble to generate a random set (from one to six) of colors out of the predefined group. I’ve succeeded to generate all of the other property values but color. I need for the availableColors key to generate a random variable number of colors out of a predefined set of six: “blue”, “brown”, “green”, “white”, “yellow”, “gray”. Here is the URL to the online generator where it is possible to real-time edit it: Here is the code: Here is the result I get: I expect the “availableColors” of

MongoDB (JS), do query opperations on one document property if available, else take other property

So let’s say I have following documents in my “Request” collection: The goal is to diplay to the user a sorted list of requests by distance from his position from nearest to farest. If pickup.coords is available it should take that as position reference for follow up expressions, else take meetup.coords. I tried using $cond but I get an error and I’m not sure how to use it exactly. Here is what I thought could work: Error: unknown top level operator: $cond The request will be much more complicated at the end, because I will do some pagination with limit