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SweetAlert prompt with two input fields

Currently working on a personal project. I want the user to click a button and a SweetAlert prompt would be presented for the user to verify their credential. However, the code I see on the SweetAlert website only allows one input field. Here is the code I have:

  title: "Authenicating for continuation",
  text: "Test",
  type: "input",
  showCancelButton: true,
  closeOnConfirm: false,
  animation: "slide-from-top",
  inputPlaceholder: "Write something"
}, function(inputValue) {
  if (inputValue === false) return false;
  if (inputValue === "") {
    swal.showInputError("You need to write something!");
    return false
  // swal("Nice!", "You wrote: " + inputValue, "success");

So, is there a way I can get two input fields? One input field for the password and the other input field for text.


As far as I know you can’t do this off-the-shelf. You can either fork and implement, or just use a HTML element as a modal (e.g. as in Bootstrap’s modals).