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set a value in react-datepicker dynamically in react

I used react-datepicker. I tried to set the value of react-datepicker from the value which I received as props from another component but either it didn’t show the value or it shows a blank page by saying ‘wrong time format’.

Datepicker code:

this.state = {
  venue_id: props.location.state ? props.location.state.venue_id : null,
  event_start_date: props.location.state ? : null,

  minDate={new Date()}

I checked the console and found that props were received successfully by the date picker component but still I wasn’t able to set the value.



It looks like the event_start_date is not a proper type for selected. There are 2 possibilities:

  1. When “props.location.state” returns false, event_start_date is null, which may cause the error.

  2. When “props.location.state” returns true, event_start_date takes the value of, but it maybe not a Date type. You can use typeof event_start_date.getMonth === 'function' to find out.

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