Sending the id of the respective component through a click

I am trying to send the id of the respective object through an on-click event , yet I always end up being sent the synthetic onClick event , how can I change this ? How my array of objects looks like :


My onClick={(id)=>handleOpen(id)}

EDIT: It was recommended to change the renderig of the button in the following way :

<button onClick={(e)=>addPieChartGroup(}>Add</button>

Thank you very much !


you can also do like that so when ever your items got update the map function adjust all index automatically

  const dataArray = [ { id:uuidv4(), data:[] } ]
    handleClick = (dataObj) =>{ console.log(dataObj) } 

In render, index) => <Button id={index} onClick={handleClick(obj)}> Click Me </Button> )

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