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Sending private messages to user

I’m using the discord.js library and node.js to create a Discord bot that facilitates poker. It is functional except the hands are shown to everyone, and I need to loop through the players and send them a DM with their hand.

bot.on("message", message => {"string");

This is the code that sends a message to the channel when any user sends a message. I need the bot to reply in a private channel; I’ve seen dmChannel, but I do not understand how to use it. I have the username of the member that I want to send a message to. An example would be appreciated.

Edit: After looking around for a user object, I found that I can get all of the users using the .users property of the client (bot). I will try using the user.sendMessage("string") method soon.



In order for a bot to send a message, you need <client>.send() , the client is where the bot will send a message to(A channel, everywhere in the server, or a PM). Since you want the bot to PM a certain user, you can use as your client. (you can replace author as mentioned user in a message or something, etc)

Hence, the answer is:"Your message here.")

I recommend looking up the Discord.js documentation about a certain object’s properties whenever you get stuck, you might find a particular function that may serve as your solution.

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