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Search function .match() case sensitive

this.items is an array of objects. I am using this to search the items by the search bar, but .match() is case sensitive. For example, if I have an item called Milk, when I type milk, it won’t come up.

How can I make this work for both lowercase and uppercase? Live demo

filteredOffers() {
    return this.items.filter((offer) => {
        return offer.title.match(;

I tried:


but it gives me a blank page.



Convert the two terms to lowercase before comparing them:

export default {
  computed: {
    filteredOffers() {
      const searchTerm =;
      return this.items.filter((offer) => {
        return offer.title.toLowerCase().match(searchTerm);

const items = [
  { title: 'Foo bar' },
  { title: 'The Milk Is Delicious' },
  { title: 'Baz qux' },
  { title: 'I drink chocolate milk' },

const search = 'milk'
const searchTerm = search.toLowerCase()
const result = items.filter((offer) => {
  return offer.title.toLowerCase().match(searchTerm)

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