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RxJS – Processing HTTPrequests in sequence

I’m currently trying to process HTTP Post requests in sequence, additionally trying to repeat each failed request until it succeeds (that is a requirement) and then and only then to continue with processing other requests. My code looks like this for now (it not working as it should, retryWhen is not used properly, I am aware of that, it’s used just as a starting point reference):

    concatMap(async request => await this._sendPostRequest(request)),
    retryWhen(errors =>
        tap(error => this._logger.error('error sending request', error)),
        delayWhen(() => timer(5000))

Any help & guideline is more than welcome. Thanks.


You’re close!

Just attach your retry to the promise rather than the concatenated stream as a whole.

  concatMap(request => defer(() => sendPostRequest(request)).pipe(           
    retryWhen(error$ => error$.pipe(               
      tap((error) => console.warn('error sending request', error)),