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Reverse iteration in a jQuery Object?

 var   test_data =  {'hr' : [1, 'Hour'], 'min' : [60, 'Minute'], 's' : [3600, 'Second']}

Now while I iterate, I want to get ‘s’ first-

$.each(test_data, function(i, j) {
         // I need to get 's' first

I have tried test_data.revers() which does not work. Any solution?


For a defined order, you could sort the keys of the object and iterate them in descending order of the first value of the array.

var data = { hr: [1, 'Hour'], min: [60, 'Minute'], s: [3600, 'Second'] };

for (const key of Object.keys(data).sort((a, b) => data[b][0] - data[a][0])) {