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refactoring my JavaScript code to remove more then just white space

The following code is functional but I would like to refactor the !== part that allows my ternary to run only on values that are not white space so I can include edge case test’s. This would include any non letter value as well as white space and I know that regex may play a part but I can’t find a niftty way to incorporate it into the if() statement that precedes the ternary operations.

const letterPositions = function(strPos) {
  if (typeof strPos !== 'string') {
    return console.log('Sorry your input is not a string');

  const result = {};
  for (let i = 0; i < strPos.length; i++) {
    if (strPos[i] !== ' ') {
      result[strPos[i]] ? result[strPos[i]].push(i) : (result[strPos[i]] = [i]);

  return result;

console.log(letterPositions('aa bb cc'));


you can also do that…

const letterPositions = str =>
  if (typeof str !== 'string') 
    return console.log('Sorry your input is not a string' )
  return [...str].reduce((r,l,i)=>((l===' ')?null:(r[l]??=[],r[l].push(i)),r),{})

console.log( letterPositions('aa bb cc') )
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