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React State seems to be overwritten / setState seems not to work

I am learning React and I think I am missing something fundamental with updating the state / rendering components.

const allFalse = new Array(data.length)
const allTrue = new Array(data.length)

const [memoryStatus, setMemoryStatus] = useState(allFalse)
const [baseValue, setBaseValue] = useState(false)

The memory game has 5 cards at this point (just learning here) and depending on the memoryStatus it is determined if one side or other side is shown (true / false).

When clicked on a card I obviously want to change the value of that card in the array. I am doing that with this function:

    const handleChange = (position) => {
        const newMemoryStatus =, index) => 
                   if(index === position) {
                       return !item
                   else return item
        // i really dont understand why this does not change the state

The render part is:

 <div className={styles.container}>
            {, index) => {
                return (
                        onClick={() => {handleChange(index)}}
                        {!memoryStatus[index] && <Image
                                {memoryStatus[index] ? item.latinName : ''}



Just in case it matters my data looks like this:

const data = [
    name: 'Staande geranium',
    latinName: 'Pelargonium zonate',
    img: '/../public/1.png'
    name: 'Groot Afrikaantje',
    latinName: 'Tagetes Erecta',
    img: '/../public/2.png'
    name: 'Vuursalie',
    latinName: 'Salvia splendens',
    img: '/../public/3.png'
    name: 'Kattenstaart',
    latinName: 'Amaranthus caudatus',
    img: '/../public/4.png'
    name: 'Waterbegonia',
    latinName: 'Begonia semperflorens',
    img: '/../public/5.png'

What am I doing wrong ??


setMemoryStatus is a function, thus you should be using parentheses () instead of brackets [] when calling it. The line to call it should be: