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Playwright Select frame with dynamic name

I need to access an iframe in playwright that has a name that is automatically generated.

The iframe’s name is always prefixed by “__privateStripeFrame” and then a randomly generated number

How i can access the frame with the page.frame({name: }) ?

From the docs it seems like i can’t use a regular expression!


The frameSelector doesn’t need be specified by the name. Try an xpath with contains – this works on the W3 sample page:

    await page.goto('');
    await page.frame("//iframe[contains(@title,'W3s')]");

If you want a more general approach – you also have page.frames(). That will return an array of the frames and you can iterate through and find the one you need.

This works for me:

    let myFrames = page.frames();
    console.log("#frames: " + myFrames.length) => console.log(;

frames on w3c

(W3S is not the best demo site as there are lots of nested frames – but this outputs the top level frames that have names)

The output: