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OpenTok Web: Custom properties when publishing Stream

Trying to publish a stream with custom name using documentation:

session = OT.initSession(partnerId, sessionId);
session.connect(token, error => {
  if (error) alert(error.message);
  else {
    const publisher = OT.initPublisher('mobile', {
      name: 'myCustomName',
      width: 720,
      height: 1280 // tried resolution: "720x1280" without luck


I need this property to identify a publisher server-side and perform required actions in database.
Though I get Tokbox callback response in NodeJS but name is always empty:

enter image description here

What’s wrong with the code and where to find the actual version?
Also how can one set custom names to streams/sessions for identifying purposes?



OpenTok Developer Advocate here.

Are you getting any callbacks with event: 'streamCreated' or event: 'streamDestroyed'?

Those events will contain a stream object that will contain the name property for that stream.

You can see the actual JSON payloads for each callback at

If you’d like to see the name data in the connectionCreated and connectionDestroyed callbacks then you could pass in the name when you generate the token for the user. Then the connection object would contain the name within its data property.

You can find a NodeJS example for generating the token with the name data at

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