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Nested Arrays and returning non-labeled values

I’ve got an API that returns the following:

  "data": {
    "columns": [
    "values": [

I’m able to get the second metric using the following three lines of code:

<#assign metricvalue =[0]>
<#assign arr = metricvalue[1]>

&value would equal 28.24.

Is there a way to combine these into one line of code? I’m looking for something like this: &[0].[1] The issue is the [1] doesn’t have a label


Your code is almost correct. Just a small correction. Remove the . between [0] and [1]. You don’t need to use . to specify the index. You only need to use it to specify the property/key.

The code should be like[0][0] // 1615230210000[0][1] // 28.24