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Multiple OR conditions for words in JavaScript regular expression

I trying to have a regular expression which is finding between two words but those words are not certain one.


This is my text. I’m trying to find the word between Soyadı and Sınıfı, in this case ERTANĞA, but the word Sınıfı also can be no, numara or any number. This is what I did.


[ıi] is for Turkish character issue, don’t mind that.


You can use a single capture group to get the word ERTANĞA, keep the character class [ıi] instead of using an alternation for (ı|i) and group the alternatives at the end of the pattern using a non capture group (?:

  • soyad[ıi] Match soyadı or soyadi
  • (.+?) Capture group 1, match 1 or more chars as least as possible
  • (?: Non capture group
    • S[ıi]n[ıi]f[ıi] Match S and then ı or i etc..
    • | Or
    • n(?:o|umara) Match either no or numara
    • | Or
    • [0-9] Match a digit 0-9
  • ) Close non capture group

Note that you don’t need the /m flag as there are no anchors in the pattern.

Regex demo

const regex = /soyad[ıi](.+?)(?:S[ıi]n[ıi]f[ıi]|n(?:o|umara)|[0-9])/gi;
const str = "2015ÖĞLEYEMEKKARTI(2016-20.AdıMEVLÜTSoyadıERTANĞASınıfıE10/ENo303n";
console.log(Array.from(str.matchAll(regex), m => m[1]));