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jQuery Datepicker “After Update” Event or equivalent

I am using a standard jQuery Datepicker and I need to modify the text in each TD based on some daily status information. I realize I can wire up the beforeShowDay event but that only allows me to modify CSS information for each date. Hoping for an event on the entire calendar such as afterRender etc.

I can modify the first calendar that is displayed but if the user changes months or years, I (or my code) is out of the loop.



Looks like afterShow() and onAfterChangeMonthYear() are already raised an enhancements, but there doesn’t seem to be any work on them yet.

You could (for now) implement it yourself…

Download the latest uncompressed source v1.8.13 – see and search for _updateDatepicker: function(inst) { then add a new function call. Here is how I laid out the new function:

_updateDatepicker: function(inst) {
    // existing jQueryUI code cut for brevity
_afterShow: function(inst) {
    var afterShow = this._get(inst, 'afterShow');
    if (afterShow)
        afterShow.apply((inst.input ? inst.input[0] : null),
                [(inst.input ? inst.input.val() : ''), inst, inst.dpDiv.find('td:has(a)')]);

I just coded the function to have the same signature as beforeShow() but then added a 3rd parameter – an array of <td> elements.

You can then add your own callback to the datepicker() in the usual way.

<script type="text/javascript">
    $(function() {
            afterShow: function (input, inst, td) {
               console.log(td); // needs a browser with a console (Chrome / Firefox+Firebug for example)
<input type="text" id="dp"/>

Note: I’ve not done a great deal of testing, but it seems to be called after the datepicker is rendered. It may need some more work to fit in with your requirements if it’s not exactly what you are after. Hope it helps nonetheless 🙂

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