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Javascript use RegEXP to remove characters between (but not including) special characters

I have a string as follows:

var s = "1111 type reallycoolsentencetext.jsonn1111 type anotherreallycoolsentence text2.json

I’m trying to get rid of the characters between the backslashes.

Wanted result:

s = "type reallycoolsentence\type anotherreallycoolsentence"

I know how to remove everything except characters between two special characters WITHOUT removing the special characters. Every answer on stack includes removing them too 🙁



Put the backslashes in the replacement string.

Note that you need to double them to get literal backslashes because backslash is an escape prefix in string literals.

var s = "1111 type reallycoolsentence\text.json\n1111 type anotherreallycoolsentence text2.json";
var result = s.replace(/\.*\/, '\\');

This result doesn’t match the result in your example, but that’s because it doesn’t match your description of what you want to do. I implemented the description.

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