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javascript removey key pairs from an array of objects

I have this javascript function

    function parseTable(table) {
      var headings = [...table.tHead.rows[0].cells].map(
        //heading => heading.innerText
        heading => heading.dataset.dbrow

      obj = [table1.rows[1]].map(mapRow(headings));


      throw new Error("Something went badly wrong!");


obj is logged in Firefox terminal as

Array [ {…} ]
0: Object { riga: "NUOVA", nome: "ddddddddd", tel: "fffffffffff", … }
device: "HDD"
id: ""
iscli: "no"
mail: "fffffffffffffff"
nome: "ddddddddd"
prov: "si"
riga: "NUOVA"
tel: "fffffffffff"
<prototype>: Object 

so it looks really like to be an array object


I can’t get rid of completely remove these two key: value pairs

id: ""
riga: "NUOVA"

I tried

delete obj.riga;


delete obj['id'];
delete obj['riga'];

no way

what is weird is that depite the log output

if i try to log e.g. obj[‘riga’] it prints undefined

but as you can see the log of the entire obj says array object

Thank you for any kind hint



Use delete obj[0].id.

You have an array of objects, not an object, even though there’s only one entry. Hence you would need to delete the property from the first entry, not obj.