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(javascript) If you had a string that was a word with a number at the end. How would you add a space between the word and the number?

For example:

let word = 'Winter4000'

const seperate = (word) => {

seperate(word) // output: Winter 4000

The word can be random and the number is always at the end.



Ian’s answer works for most integers, but for decimals or numbers with commas (like 1,000,000), you’ll want an expression like

word.split(/([0-9.,]+)/).join(" ");

so it doesn’t put an extra space when it runs into a decimal point or comma.

Writing this as a function,

let word = 'Winter4,000.000';

const seperate = (input_word) => {
    return input_word.split(/([0-9.,]+)/).join(" ");