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Javascript create zip file

I am developing a website using react.js and admin-on-rest. One feature is allowing users to upload a pdf file.

I get the file as type FILE and want to get the file from FILE, compress it to zip, and then make it to type FILE.

So it should be FILE -> origin file -> zip file -> FILE from zip file.

I tried JSZip but still can not figure it out.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks


Hi Garrick following are the steps you need to take.

1) handle fileupload in a rest wrapper

the above example is for image upload. But you will essentially be doing the same thing.


const addUploadCapabilities = requestHandler => (type, resource, params) => {
    if (type === 'UPDATE' && resource === 'posts') {
       //use jszip to zip file here and package it however you need
       // call the API with zipped file
   } return requestHandler(type, resource, params);