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Javascript: Convert Array to Object

Which is the easiest way to convert this:

[{src:"websrv1"}, {dst:"websrv2"}, {dstport:"80"}]

to this:

{src:"websrv1", dst:"websrv2", dstport:"80"}

in order to pass it to AJAX data?

I’m using VisualSearch and it returns an array of Facet model instances which i need to convert into an Object.


var a = [{src:"websrv1"}, {dst:"websrv2"}, {dstport:"80"}];

 var b = a.reduce(
      return reduced;

//b should be {src:"websrv1", dst:"websrv2", dstport:"80"}

think about the array.reduce function everytime you need to perform these kind of transformations.