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Is there anyway to simulate a “Did you mean” in Java Script?

So I’m creating a bot with an API, and the list is pretty case sensitive and only allowing exact matches. For example, there I have the word “ENCHANTED_GLISTERING_MELON”. Its all-caps have underscores and complicated spelling, and the site does not accept if it is not an exact match. It is not so user-friendly. Is there any way to so that when a user inputs something, it will auto-capitalize, replace spaces with underscores, and most importantly, check for misspellings, then consider the closest word? I have a dictionary of what the site accepts.



It not a a simple task to disallow some words with typos.

To avoid reinventing the wheel I would recommend you to use the one of the Open Source engines like RASA to enable neural language processing with your chat.

However, it’s not so easy to use if you having troubles with parsing the string in JavaScript.

For a words similarities you check Levenshtein Distance algorithm:

Getting the closest string match

For a simple solution you can just replace your disallowed words:

How to replace several words in javascript

Also, if it’s just a filter for a bad words in your chat you can use some existing libraries like bad-words:

And you can capitalize everything for your particular strange case:

'enchanted glistering melon'.trim().replace(/ /g,'_').toLocaleUpperCase()
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