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Is there any way to activate right click on scroll bar of browser using javascript

how to use right click on scroll bar scroller

generally when we left click on scroll bar path then we move to position where mouse clicked but when we right click on scroll bar it do nothing.


You can simulate the events of clicking the right mouse button using the event contextmenu.

Next, we disable the default behavior of event contextmenu – we disable the appearance of the context menu:


And with the help of calculations within the if { ... } condition, we get the result we need. Target the scrollbar area, both by X and by Y:

event.offsetX > || event.offsetY >

Accordingly, instead of console.log("Right click on the scrollbar!");, you can use any logic that needs to be called.

window.addEventListener("contextmenu", function (event) {
    if (event.offsetX > || event.offsetY > {
        console.log("Right click on the scrollbar!");
body {
    height: 5000px;