Is it possible to call local storage inside a function and use it in Windows.onload? [closed]

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I have a on click function which return ‘x’ and stores in div dynamically. After a page refresh, this dynamic div resets and the data is gone. But i want the data to stay. To do that i stored that in local storage and want to call later when page loads. I store it in local storage inside the function ‘test’ and calling it in windows.onload which is returning null. I understand that i am unable to call the local storage inside the function. My question: Is there a way to call the local storage inside the function ‘test’

function test(parameter1, parameter2) { // this is an onclick function
// some functionality
 return x;
 var test = x.innerHTML;
 localStorage.setItem('somediv', test);


window.onload = function () {

    var test2 = localStorage.getItem('somediv')



You are using localStorage fine.

The thing is, if you return x; in your text() function, the code below is never executed, so it never actually sets the localStorage variable.

That is why you get null when you are trying to access it.

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