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In GatsbyJS, when passing props to a linked page, how do I set a defaultProp?

I’m experiencing a TypeError: Cannot read property 'serviceCategory' of null issue when the “linked page” refreshes (f5) or when the page is visited as direct traffic.

I’ve tried setting defaultProps, but it’s not triggering.

Here is my current setup:

    serviceCategory: "FILTER",

linked page

const Locations = ({ location }) => {

  const { state = {} } = location
  const { serviceCategory } = state

  const [category, setCategory] = useState(() => {
    return location.state === null ? "ALL" : serviceCategory


Locations.defaultProps = {
  location: {
    state: {
      serviceCategory: "ALL",

export default Locations

defaultProps is no where to be found in Gatsby’s documentation, so i’m thinking of a different solution.


The defaultProps won’t work in this case because gatsby uses @reach/router internally and props.location value is overriden by that.

You can either use a different variable name inside defaultProps or use a default value for state.

const state = location.state || { serviceCategory: 'ALL' }

Notice that

 const { state = {serviceCategory:'ALL'} } = location

won’t work because default initializer in destructuring only works for undefined values and not null values. And your value is null in this case.