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Importing JS bundle to an Angular Library

I am trying to add a JS script bundle file to a custom Angular Library which is using features from it. I have added the types files so the linting errors are not showing, but the Project does not get built as classes from JS Bundle are not found.

I have tried and failed importing the bundle to the public-api file.

I am thinking of trying to make the bundle a private npm package to install. But that will take lot of time and effort. What other options do I have?



Sometimes you could have that kind of circumtances like having would like to use an JS library in your Angular project.

i have encountered something like that but i have created one directive file in the src folder like “type.d.ts” so after i declared my library in it with something like “declare module ‘pdfmake/build/vfs_fonts.js’;” and at last imported it in my component file like “import * as pdfMake from ‘pdfmake/build/pdfmake.js’;”

1- Create one directive file like “type.d.ts”

2- Declare your JS library in your recent file created with something like “declare module ‘pdfmake/build/pdfmake.js’;”

3- Declare back the import statement in your component file like “import * as pdfMake from ‘pdfmake/build/pdfmake.js’;”

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