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Immutable JS – Extracting values to array

I have a record from my Redux store that looks like the following

const fruitRecord = Immutable.fromJS({
  '8a6sd5v8a6s7fv5': {id: '1234', fruit: 'banana'},
  'hvth1jk34v23hj2': {id: '5678', fruit: 'apple'}

If I console log the record I get

// [Array(2), Array(2)]
// 0: ["8a6sd5v8a6s7fv5", FruitRecord]
// 1: ["hvth1jk34v23hj2", FruitRecord]

I am interested in the fruit Ids (1234 and 5678 in this example) and put them in an array.

Here is what I am trying to do at the moment:

const fruitName = => {
    console.log(f.get('id')) // prints 1234 and 5678
    return f.get('id')

// returns a Map

But the problem is when try to use fruitIds I get a type object. I would expect that to be an array ['1234', '5678']

How can I change my code to get an array of the ids?

** Edit ** changed the example to be reproducible



Actually the array are of type object. for example if you log the type of an array you’ll get “object”


const array = [1,2,3],
console.log(typeof array); // this will print object.

I think you should try printing out “fruitIds”. it will be in the form of an array.

Another approach can be as following.

const fruitArray = []; => {
    console.log(f.get('id')) // prints 1234 and 5678
    fruitArray.push(f.get('id')); // or frruitArray.push(;
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