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Ignoring specific file path during Format.Js message extraction

When using Create React App and TypeScript, a file is auto-generated in the src directory: react-app-env.d.ts. This file seems necessary to support image imports as discussed here:

When using Format.JS, I extract messages using the following command:

yarn extract 'src/**/*.ts*' --out-file lang/en-GB.json --id-interpolation-pattern '[sha512:contenthash:base64:6]'

But unfortunately this results in this error:

warning Error: Error processing file src/react-app-env.d.ts
Debug Failure. Output generation failed
Done in 9.64s.

I need to process both .ts and .tsx files. I have tried to hack the search pattern to exclude the specific file name, but I am now completely stumped as I am unsure of its precise specification.

As a workaround I can delete the file prior to extraction, but this is very annoying!


Just use 'src/**/!(*.d).ts*' pattern in your extract script, this will exclude all .d.* files from your src folder.