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I must avoid entering letters on my digipas

I have a small problem. When I enter a new transfert of 269 euros with the account bank number BE072750044-35066. I have to introduce a code of confirmation. The code is 350269.

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The figures 350 are the last 5 figures of the bank account number -> BE072750044-35066. And the 269 represents the amount for the new transfert.

Another example, if the new transfert was of 350 euros. We will have 350350.

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Now my problem, if I have an account bank with a letter at the end. FR5940802053780006178110K61.

The problem is that I retrieve 10K269, but the user must enter only numbers on the digipas. How to avoid this problem for the user, please?

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getTokenTwoAdd(nt) {
    var partOne, partTwo, absoluteAmount;
    partOne = (nt.iban.substr(nt.iban.length - 5)).substring(0, 3);
    absoluteAmount = Math.abs(nt.amount);
    absoluteAmount = parseInt(absoluteAmount);
    partTwo = ((absoluteAmount < 100) ? this.helpers.addLeadingZeroesLeft(absoluteAmount, 3) : absoluteAmount) + "";
    partTwo = partTwo.substring(0, 3);
    console.log("Iban number, slice => " + partOne);
    console.log("Iban number => " + nt.iban);
    console.log("Amount => " + absoluteAmount);

    return partOne + partTwo;

The variable partOne represents the account bank number with the slice

The variable nt.iban is the accout bank number

The variable absoluteAmount is the amount for the new transfert

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To get rid of any characters that are not digits, you could use

partOne = nt.iban.replace(/D+/g, '').substr(-5, 3);

where D+ matches one or more non-digit characters.