HTML5 input type Color read single RGB values

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With this code on browser many field are available by the user, it can change R,G,B, HEX VALUE, HUE ecc. I need to read only the Red value.

  <input id="color_pick"type="color" value="#ff0000">

var toread = document.getElementById('color_pick');
toread.value # get the hex # would it be possible to get r?

I’ve read this document but cannot figure how to get the single R value from the input.


Since you already have hexadecimal from node.value property, you just have to convert it to integer.

function pickRedInt(){
  var toread = document.getElementById('color_pick');
  console.log("Red Value - "+parseInt("0x"+toread.value.slice(1,3)));

Try changing this:
<input id="color_pick"type="color" value="#ff0000" onchange="pickRedInt()">

Source: stackoverflow