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HTML tags in i18next translation

I’m using i18next to power i18n for my weblog. It works great on text-only content, but when I try to translate content that includes HTML markup, it is displaying the raw markup when I translate the text.

As an example, here is a snippet of the markup from a post that is not working as expected:

<div class="i18n" data-i18n="content.body">
  In Medellín they have many different types of <i>jugos naturales</i>&nbsp;(fruit juice) ... <br />
  <br />

The translation code looks like this:

var resources = {
  "en": ...,
  "es": {
    "translation": {
      "content": {
        "body": "En Medellín hay varios tipos diferentes de <i>jugos naturales</i> ... <br /><br /> ... "

i18n.init({"resStore": resources}, function( t ) {

When the translation is rendered, HTML tags are escaped and output as text:

En Medellín hay varios tipos diferentes de &lt;i&gt;jugos naturales&lt;/i&gt;...&lt;br /&gt;&lt;br /&gt;

How do I get i18next to change the HTML of translated elements?



In order to make this work, you have to prefix the data-i18n attribute of the elements you want to translate with [html]:

<div class="i18n" data-i18n="[html]content.body">

Source: i18next.jquery.js

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