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How we can intergrate Qr code monkey api to an express.js backend

Intergrate this for

For this code

const express = require(‘express’); const http = require(“https”);

const router = express.Router();‘/’,async (req,res)=>{


return res.sendStatus(200);


module.exports = router;


I’m not sure the question you’re asking here.

My guess is that you’re trying to interact with the qrcode-monkey API using express.js?

If that’s true, following the qrcode-monkey API documentation you’ll have to invoke (in this case) express to issue either a GET or POST request to the correct end point /qr/transparent with the required data both in the request body and head. this is documented in the link you provided

since you’re doing this via express it’s I assume you’re going to be passing the URL that the qr code points to via your endpoint then to the 3rd party API. This might looking something like this.

router.get('/:url', async (req, res, next) => {
    if (!req.params.url) next(new Error('400 missing url param'))
    try {
        res.body.qr = await fetch('',
              method: 'GET',
              headers: { ... },
              body: { ... }
    } catch (error) {

note: this is pesudo code and shouldn’t just be copy/pasted.

I suggest refering to the express.js documentation

This question seems to go into more detail about 3rd party API interation with express.