How to use ref in a functional component (expo camera)

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I’m reacting my camera as a functional component but the documentation says

To use methods that Camera exposes one has to create a component ref and invoke them using it.

but in react documentation it says that I can not use ref in a functional component.

if this the same thing as useRef? I’m trying to get the camera to take a picture and save it to my phones memory.

    style={{ flex: 1 }}

//to take a picture
    ref={ref => { = ref;

          alignSelf: 'flex-end',
          alignItems: 'center',
              backgroundColor: 'transparent',
            onPress={() => async () => {
  if ( {
    let photo = await;
          style={{ color: "#fff", fontSize: 40 }}


You can create one variable to assign with useRef

const cameraRef = useRef(null)

And then use cameraRef in ref field like this:

   ref = {cameraRef} 

And then in your TouchableOpacity you will do it like this:

if (cameraRef) {
   const data = await cameraRef.current.takePictureAsync();

Source: stackoverflow