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How to retrieve full profile of linkedin user via Javascript API

I am trying to retrieve the full profile (especially job history and educational qualifications) of a linkedin user via the Javascript API. I have managed to piece together the following code from google and stack overflow:

<script type="text/javascript" src="">
    api_key:   blahblahblah
    onLoad:    onLinkedInLoad
    authorize: true

<script type="text/javascript">
function onLinkedInLoad() {
   IN.Event.on(IN, "auth", onLinkedInAuth);
function onLinkedInAuth() {
   // IN.API.Profile("me").fields(["industry", "network", "date-of-birth", "educations:(id,school-name)"]).result(displayProfiles);
function displayProfiles(profiles) {
   member = profiles.values[0];
   document.getElementById("profiles").innerHTML =
   "<p id="" + + "">Hello " + member.firstName + " " + member.lastName + "</p>";

   for(education in profiles.educations) {
      var id =;
      var name = education.schoolName;
<script type="IN/Login"></script>
<div id="profiles"></div>

This manages to retrieve the logged in user’s name and surname after they grant access. However it completely fails to retrieve anything else. I am using a company login for linkedin and I can access all the user’s information via the rest api, so it’s not an access issue; I just don’t know (and can’t find any examples) of how to use the Javascript API. How would I specify what information to retrieve and how would I then identify that information in the returned JSON object?


Seems to work on my end by using a variation of the call you had commented out: Check the fields you can use, you had “network” in there but it is not listed. Maybe it was part of an older version of the API?

function onLinkedInAuth() {
  // IN.API.Profile('me').result(displayProfiles);
    'first-name', 'last-name', // Add these to get the name
    'industry', 'date-of-birth', 'educations:(id,school-name)',
    'positions' // Add this one to get the job history

Then you can work with the returned data like this:

function displayProfiles(profiles) {
  var member = profiles.values[0];

  // Note that these values are arrays and not objects
  var educations = member.educations.values;
  var positions = member.positions.values;

  document.getElementById('profiles').innerHTML =
   '<p id="' + + '">Hello ' + member.firstName + ' ' + member.lastName + '</p>';

   educations.forEach(function(edu) {
     var id =;
     var name = edu.schoolName;
     console.log(id, name);

   positions.forEach(function(position) {
     // Do some work with each position...