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How to remove elements that were fetched using querySelectorAll?

This seems like something that would have a quick answer, but I can’t find one. Maybe I’m searching the wrong terms? No libraries please, though I don’t need cross-browser fallbacks, I’m targeting all the latest versions on this project.

I’m getting some elements:

element = document.querySelectorAll(".someselector");

This is working, but how do I now delete these elements? Do I have to loop through them and do the element.parentNode.removeChild(element); thing, or is there a simple function I’m missing?


Yes, you’re almost right. .querySelectorAll returns a frozen NodeList. You need to iterate it and do things. element, function( node ) {
    node.parentNode.removeChild( node );

Even if you only got one result, you would need to access it via index, like


If you only want to query for one element, use .querySelector instead. There you just get the node reference without the need to access with an index.