How to prevent page reload using form.submit() to submit as a method in ReactJs

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How to prevent page refreshing on firing form submission programmatically in ReactJS? I’ve tried this code:

const myForm = () =>
    <form onBlur={(e) => {
      if(!e.relatedTarget || (e.relatedTarget.form !== e.activeTarget)) 

        e.currentTarget.submit((e) => {
          e.preventDefault();// page reloads before this callback
    onSubmit={(e) => {
      e.preventDefault();//// page reloads before this event

My goal is to submit form onBlur from this form (when a user fills all the fields and clicks outside of the form)

I’ve already checked these solutions but they dont work:

Prevent page reload when submit

I dont consider iframes Submit form without page reloading


Use should use e.currentTarget.requestSubmit() (docs). Read about differences with submit method here.

Or you may simply define a submit handler function and provide it to both onBlur and onSubmit form properties.

const handleSubmit = (ev) => {

return (
    onBlur={(ev) => if (shouldSubmit(ev)) handleSubmit(ev)}

Without resorting to native form submission. If your use case allows that.

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