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How to increment the filename if file already exists in javascript

I have implemented Drag and Drop File Upload in my react project, so on every drag and drop of file into the drop zone , I’m taking the file and accessing it’s name and it’s data and converting the data to base64 using javscript’s FileReader() and readAsDataURL() and updating the state, which I need to send it to bakend.

How to append a number to filename if the file with same name already exist in the state ?

eg: file(1).csv or file 2.csv

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Main State

this.state : {

Function that get’s triggered every time for drag and drop of file

   FileHandling = (files) => {
    files.forEach((file) => {
      const reader = new FileReader();

      reader.onload = () => {

        const CompleteData= {
          fileData: reader.result,
             Files:[...this.state.Files, CompleteData]


You can check this.state.Files before. A recursive function could be used here. Imagine you load a file named export.csv. The second one would export.csv transformed in export_1.csv. But on a third one named export.csv, the verification would be done on export, leading to export_1 => Error ! The best is to do :

const checkNameOfTheFile = (newFileName) => {
    // Ex 'export.csv'
    const counter = this.state.Files.filter(f => f.fileName === newFileName).length;
    // If counter >= 2, an error has already been passed to the files because it means
    // 2 files have the same name
    if (counter >= 2) {
        throw 'Error duplicate name already present';
    if (counter === 0) {
        return newFileName
    if (counter === 1) {
        const newName = `${newFileName.split('.')[0]}_${counter}.${newFileName.split('.')[1]}`;
        // Return export_1.csv;
        return checkNameOfTheFile(newName);
        // We need to check if export_1.csv has not been already taken.
        // If so, the new name would be export_1_1.csv, not really pretty but it can be changed easily in this function

const CompleteData= {
    fileData: reader.result,
    fileName: checkNameOfTheFile(,