How to hide tooltips using JavaScript (not jQuery)

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I created my tooltips using this website:

Now I’m wondering how would I close the tooltip after an arbitrary amount of time using a vanilla javascript solution.

My solution so far:

window.setTimeout(closeTooltips(), 700);

function closeTooltips(){

I understand why this is not working but I’m unable to see a solution. I could iterate through the NodeList that getElementsByClassName returns and hide each individual one but I feel that is probably not an ideal solution.


You were close, but with setTimeout, you aren’t trying to invoke the function, you are only trying to reference it, so don’t include the parenthesis (which are the “invocation operator” in JavaScript):

setTimeout(closeTooltips, 700);

Next, you need to iterate all the elements found by your DOM query and set their styles individually, like this:

function closeTooltips(){
    var elems = document.querySelectorAll('.tooltipText');

    elems.forEach(function(el){ = "none";

Source: stackoverflow