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How to handle form submitted with JQuery

I have a multistep form. I’m validating each step with Javascript before submitting it to PHP.

If the form’s last step passes validation tests. I’m submitting the form. like so


I want to handle form submission with Javascript and submit it to PHP with Ajax. but instead, the page refreshes.

const addListingSubmit = (e) => {

 // ...


Any suggestions?

Here is my code:



An HTML form natively calls a defined url (for which the code is missing in your question) when it is submitted, and thus will leave the current page. To avoid this behaviour use a click handler (on the form’s submit button) instead, and do your ajax call in there with the form’s values:

const onClick = e => {
    // get values from the form
    const foo = $("#foo-field").val();
    // etc.

    // do AJAX call


This way, the form’s submit event is never triggered.

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