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How to get Lat and Lng from StandaloneSearchBox?

I use the react-google-maps StandaloneSearchBox and query the locations of my points of interest. This works as far as it goes. However, I get back functions for the location and not the actual value. How do I actually get the lat and lng values similar to the viewport.

   lat: ƒ ()
   lng: ƒ ()

 viewport: _.Wf
   Bb: Vf {g: 41.4022605197085, h: 41.4049584802915}
   Ra: Qf {g: 2.173047169708498, h: 2.175745130291502}


You can just call the lat and lng functions to get the values.

  • -> latitude value
  • geometry.location.lng() -> longitude value