How to get a plain object from mobx object?

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I defined a mobx map as below:

@observable editors =;

then I added object on the editors as below:

  editors.set(key, {
    alias: 'alias-1',
    message: 'hello',

when I get the object from editor as below:

  let myEditor = editors.get(key)

the returned object myEditor has some builtin functions such as:

get alias:function ()
set alias:function ()
get message:function ()
set message:function ()

I wander how I can get a plain javascript object from editor?


You can use toJS.


class MyStore {
  @observable editors ={});

const myStore = new MyStore();

myStore.editors.set('example', {
  alias: 'alias-1',
  message: 'hello'


Source: stackoverflow