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How to Fetch and Display an Image from an express backend server to a React js frontend?

I’m trying to fetch images from an express backend and display them in the react js frontend. How can I achieve this perfectly?

I have tried to fetch the images saved in my backend folder named “Backup” and display them back to the user in the react js frontend. I have tried this using axios but still am getting an invalid image instead of the correct image.

Below is my fetch request in the frontend.

fetchImages = () => {
    const imageName = 'garande.png'
    const url = `http://localhost:5000/fetchImage/${imageName}`
    axios.get(url, {responseType: 'blob'})
    .then(res => {
            <img src={} alt="trial" />

And this what I have in the server.js file in the backend

app.get('/fetchImage/:file(*)', (req, res) => {
    let file = req.params.file;
    let fileLocation = path.join('../Backup/images/', file);
    //res.send({image: fileLocation});

I expect the Image to show up in the users page. Thanks.


This worked for me:

export async function get(url: string) {
    try {
        const response = await fetch(url, {
            method: 'GET', // *GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc.
            mode: 'cors', // no-cors, *cors, same-origin
            cache: 'no-cache', // *default, no-cache, reload, force-cache, only-if-cached
            headers: {
                'Content-Type': 'image/jpeg'
        const blob = await response.blob()
        return [URL.createObjectURL(blob), null];
    catch (error) {
        console.error(`get: error occurred ${error}`);
        return [null, error]

function foo(props: any) {
const [screenShot, setScreenshot] = useState(undefined)
const url = props.url
useEffect(() => {
    async function fetchData() {
        // You can await here
        const [response, error] = await get(url)
        if (error)
        else {
            log(`got response ${response}`)
}, [url])

return <div>
    <img src={screenShot} className="Screenshot" alt="showing screen capture" />