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How to dynamically add/remove slot fields, based on an array in Vue JS

I have the following, which takes a slot containing the HTML fields to be repeated:

<div  v-for="(row, index) in rows" :key="index">
      <div class="d-flex justify-content-between ">
        <slot name="fields">
        <input  v-model="row.value" />
        <button @click="removeRow(index)" type="button" class="btn btn-primary waves-effect waves-float waves-light height-10-per  " >
          Remove <i class="fa fa-times-circle"></i>

When I use removeRow(index), it always removes the last slot. I’ve tested with using the <input v-model="row.value"> and the correct input is removed here, but never the correct slot.

I do not need the inputs in the slot to be dynamic or interact with Vue, I simply want to allow the user to add new rows/remove rows dynamically via a Vue component.

Please see the below two methods I’ve used for adding/removing rows, in case an issue lies here:

      this.rows.splice(index, 1);
      this.rows.push({value: 'test'})

Any help would be really appreciated.


Add a unique key value to your v-for loop element:

<div-for="(row, index) in rows" :key="JSON.stringify(row)">

This should make sure the correct element is removed from the DOM.