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How to display an image from a string in react

I have featured_image that i get from an axios call, the image is saved in the src folder, src/img. It’s a string and it’s equal to “../img/blog1.jpg”.

I can’t have the background image dispalyed i believe it needs to be converted to a static image somehow.

import React from "react";
import { Link, NavLink } from 'react-router-dom';
const Post = ({ post: { title,
featured_image, category, slug, summary }, index }) => {

  return (  
        <div role="listitem" className="post-v1 w-dyn-item">
            <div className="post-card-v1">
            <Link to={slug} className="post-v1-thumb w-inline-block">
                <div className="post-v1-image" style={{backgroundImage: "url(" + featured_image + ")"}}></div>
            <div className="post-v1-content">
                <div className="post-card-more-info">
                    <div className="badge post-v1-badge">{category}</div>
                <Link to={slug} className="link-white w-inline-block hover-blog">
                    <h4 className="uppercase text-white">{title}</h4>
                <div className="text-white">{summary}</div>
export default Post;

enter image description here

enter image description here


If you are using static images in react app you better should move them to the public folder

featured_image value example 'img/1.jpg' assuming you moved the whole folder img to public

Why would i put them in public folder? answer:

  • If you put any kind of file into the public folder, it will not be processed by webpack. it will be copied into the build folder as it is.
  • To give the access to all the components/pages to this file(html/img) with one same path no matter is deep the component in folders